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Born in Toronto, Canada, Gabriel Nicolau discovered his love of music in high school, but it was not until discovering and falling in love with the music of conscious musicians like Bob Marley, Nas and Rage Against The Machine that he realized the power that music has to make a positive impact on the world, and make a very real difference in people's, and even animals' lives.




His name as an artist is indeed a message in and of itself, based around the Ancient Greek word for Mother Earth (Gaia) it means both "Gaia is I" - that the artist and the Earth are absolutely interconnected via every breath of air, every drink of water and every piece of food that grew from the Earth, and "Gaia's Eye" - that the artist is a witness to events transpiring on the surface of the planet.



Out of a simple necessity (not being able to afford to hire a video editor to take the time to turn his visions into reality) Gaia's Eye was forced to learn the basics of video editing in order to complete his first music video, a skill set that would eventually lead to self-directed music videos reaching an audience of over 5 million people worldwide.  

Full Videography available upon request.

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Courtney Valentine Brown is a Toronto-based, Jamaican born singer and producer who has worked with Gaia's Eye as a producer on most of his most viral songs, and who will Executive Producing his upcoming mixtape.

Brown has worked with Juno-winning artists in the past, including Choclair and Jully Black, and is currently working with Grammy Award-winning artist Beenie Man in Jamaica.

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